Video Series: Fat Rant Thursday, Aug 28 2008 

Everyone should watch this video. The first one is the first fat rant video that made Joy Nash famous.

Most people do not understand size acceptance. It is taken for granted that “fat people just need to diet and exercise and they will be thin.” As such, it seems almost normal to think that fat people are lazy, and ugly, and dont deserve basic human rights. (One of the things that lead to my surgery was that multiple people on campus would point at me and laugh.) Sure, im a traitor to the “cause” because of my surgery, but, ya know? The basic idea that humans deserve to be treated with respect does not matter if that person is fat, or black, or has purple hair or wears crocs, or is female.

The idea that being female means that someone is “naturally” nurturing, or weaker, or not capable of doing things that men can do has been (mostly) thrown by the wayside. But, the idea that women have to look “acceptable,” and wear makeup/look fashionable/kill themselves exercising several hours a day to be thin enough, these are all ideas that still have a major hold on our society. and, this idea is wrong, and needs to be changed.

(You can also check out Fat Rant II to see how silly the “restrict your eating” phrase sounds when it comes to other things that one needs to survive, and Fat Rant III for the silly things that people think they can say to fat people.)


Video Series Thursday, Aug 28 2008 

A wonderful Video about technology, corruption, and globalization.

First Post Wednesday, Aug 27 2008 

My first post 🙂

This is my blog for my Women’s Studies class. This will replace the “notebook” assignment. As I am used to blogging, I think this will seem as less of a chore than writing notebook entries. Plus, I can update this with videos and sporadic comments 🙂

I chose Sex, Fat, and Women’s Studies as the title as my thesis is focused on those three aspects. Sex, as in sexuality and how gender inequality affects safer sex decisions, Fat, as I am looking at how the gendered society views women as sexual objects, in which fat women are viewed as less desirable, and Women’s Studies, as this is my notebook.

I welcome comments, please write me 🙂 If you are another student in my class, leave a comment with your blog URL, and i’ll set up a blog roll for us.

You can also check out my other “blog” at which chronicles my weight and surgery related issues.

So, Welcome!