I have a headache, so I apologize for the incoherence of this post.

It really irks me the assumptions that some people have about entire groups of people. People tend to believe stereotypes because they have met a few select people that live up to that stereotype. However, they also tend to ignore the others that do not live up to that stereotype.

At 320 pounds, I had absolutely no health problems. My blood work was perfect, I was active enough, and I did not eat tons of crap. Yes, I ate some crap. Yes, I did get lazy a lot of the time. But, people would look at me, by virtue of my size, and think “unhealthy.”

After all, the unhealthy aspect is what most people use to stigmatize fat people. Yet, one cannot view health from physical size.

Part of this blog, and part of my life’s work, is to have people challenge their assumptions. My assumptions are challenged on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Face your assumptions. The next time a snap judgment goes through your head, think about it. Isolate exactly why you think that, and see if it is really true.