Sex no longer a taboo subject at nursing homes Sunday, Dec 28 2008 

Sex no longer a taboo subject at nursing homes.

Ah,  the many places that stigma will show its face.  Thats right, the stigma against sexuality (and, in this instance, the specific stigma that “old people dont have sex”) shows up over and over.

What is so wrong about old people having sex?  Within nursing homes, among people within their age range, typically within the same mental capacity, what is wrong?  This is the same thoughts I have about teenage sexuality: within one’s own age group, sexuality is something to be explored and celebrated, rather than stigmatized and hidden.

I hope I am 80 and still having sex!


Stigma Tuesday, Dec 16 2008 

I am moving to New York, so I bought a travel guide. It is designed for tourists, so it talked about travel restrictions.

Until June 2008, HIV positive people were prohibited from visiting or moving to the US.

This is one of the many reasons why I fight the HIV stigma. As well as almost any other stigma that is out there. There seems to be this idea that *those* people deserve to have their rights taken away.

HIV positive people should not travel.
Trans people should not reproduce.
Gay people should not get married.
Black people should not be allowed to marry whites.
Fat people should not be allowed to eat in public.

The idea that all humans are human, and deserve basic human rights seems to have exceptions for *those* kind of people. Which is wrong. And the reason I continue to fight.